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AccuKare, Inc. is a personal care provider organization (PCPO) that was founded in 2002 by Karla Adams (current CEO) under the urging of many individuals involved with home care. Because of the vast array of experiences of Karla both personally and professionally (RN since 1991, home care RN since 1992, Director of Nursing for 2 companies), AccuKare, Inc. came into existence with much thought and desire to be an alternative to the traditional “way of doing things.” If you were to ask Karla what she intends to do with the company, the response would be “To breathe new breath into the consciousness of the home care field.” Due to the various ways she has seen employees and clients treated in the past, Karla has devised processes and procedures that intend to provide empowerment and respect to the clients, client families, staff, and state and local workers in order that the client receives the maximum care that they need in order to achieve highest potential.